Action, Adventure, Fantasy

5 hundred years ago, the devils were beaten by the gods and started the resurrection.
History and destiny, loneliness and resistance, are therefore all moved into a new era.
Students in Tianting(Gods’s Palace) are stratified into levels after their birth. Born
namelessly, Wu Kong is however arrogant and defies the god’s authorities. He broke every
rules, ignored all the supervision from the Buddhas, gods and faeries, and caused the
whole Tianting with utter chaos. At the battle of Jiejie Bridge, Wu Kong and his mates
were defeated and dropped into the mortal world, where they then managed to find their
selfness, friendship and love.
However, all characters’ fates were actually doomed from the beginning.
From looking down the Tianting at youth to struggling under the unbreakable repression,
Wu Kong and his mates underwent all the confusion, frustration and the conflicts
between dream and freedom. Those experiences composes the typical fight that belongs
to everyone’ adolescence and make them step into real maturity.


Eddie PENG
Shawn Yue
Oho Ou


Director Derek Kwok




To The Fore
To The Fore
As The Light Goes Out
As The Light Goes Out