Thriller, Science fiction

Twelve-year-old ELI, a curious outsider adopted by a working class family, is wandering through an abandoned warehouse when he comes upon the frightening carnage of a massacre and discovers a discarded futuristic super-weapon.
His older brother JIMMY (Jack Reynor), just out of prison, when grimy ex-con TAYLOR (James Franco) threatens to kill him and his family over a bad debt. In a misguided attempt to protect this family and himself, Jimmy decodes to rob the construction site run by his dad, HAL (Dennis Quaid). Tension escalates quickly as Taylor kills Hal in a gunfight, which also leads to the death of Taylor’s own brother, The robbery turns into a manhunt when Jimmy, in a panic, takes off in his father’s truck with the money and an oblivious Eli.
The two brothers, who are building a new relationship after years apart, meet MILLIE (Zoë Kravitz) who joints them on their journey, but they also find more trouble and mayhem as the vengeful Taylor continues to hunt them down. The only thing keeping him alive is Eli’s mysterious weapon and uncanny good luck. As their path of destruction deepens, two strange figures, who have secretly been following the brothers, finally catch up.


James Franco
Jack Reynor
Zoë Kravitz
Dennis Quaid
Carrie Coon
Myles Truitt


Producer Shawn Levy
Producer Dan Cohen
Director Jonathan Baker
Director Josh Baker