Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Action, Adventure

ROBIN LOXLEY (Taron Egerton) returns to medieval England after years of fighting in the war-torn Crusades, where his skill and valor in battle has won him the admiration of even his foes, including enemy commander THE MOOR/LITTLE JOHN (Jamie Foxx), who provides Robin with safe passage home. Upon his return to Nottingham, Robin discovers his estate destroyed and his neighbors impoverished, all by the command of the ruthless SHERIIFF OF NOTTINGHAM (Ben Mendelsohn).
Learning that his death has been falsely reported and his longtime love, MARIAN (Eve Hewson), is involved with local politician WILL TILLMAN (Jamie Dornan), Robin and the John launch a covert personal crusade against the corrupt Sherriff and Church. Disguised in a Saracen hood, and trained by John in a new style of fighting, Robin uses his lethal archery skills to intercept tax collections destined for the Sheriff’s coffers, which he turns over anonymously to Marian, now the leader of a clandestine grassroots rebellion.
As Robin’s activities gather quiet support from the people he finds an unexpected all in FRIAR TUCK, an influential friar who has been stripped of his duties. After they discover a larger conspiracy that threatens the stability of Europe, Robin and his men launch an attack that solidifies his status as the legendary rebel leader of an unstoppable new kind of army.


Taron Egerton
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Dornan
Ben Mendelsohn
Eve Hewson


Director Otto Bathurst
Producer Basil Iwanyk
Producer Joby Harold