Detective VS. Sleuths

Detective VS. Sleuths

Action, Crime


Hong Kong is rocked by a series of brutal murders. The victims are suspects of cold cases who have eluded arrest for many years. The group of killers, who call themselves “The Chosen Sleuths”, are vigilantes who are taking justice in their own hands and openly challenging the Hong Kong police. In response, the police form a task force of their own “chosen sleuths” to stop the criminals.

Jun Lee (Sean LAU) was a legend in the police force as an ace detective before the onset of his mental illness. Once nicknamed “The Chosen Sleuth”, Jun now lives as a hobo on the streets after he was disgracefully dismissed from the force. To prove that he is not a lunatic, but the real “Chosen Sleuth”, Jun joins the fight against “The Chosen Sleuths” to stop their elaborately laid plans. Racing against time, Jun and pregnant police detective Yee must race against time to solve cases both new and old to bring “The Chosen Sleuths” to justice.


Sean LAU
Charlene CHOI
Raymond Lam
Carlos CHAN Facebook Instagram Weibo
Kathy Yuen Facebook Instagram Weibo
Deep Ng
Timmy HUNG
Stephanie CHE
Bin Zi
LI Jing
Carman LEE


Executive Producer Albert Yeung
Executive Producer Yibing WANG
Producer Wai Ka Fai
Scriptwriter Wai Ka Fai
Scriptwriter Ryker CHAN
Scriptwriter MAK Tin Shu
Director Wai Ka Fai