The Brotherhood of Rebel

The Brotherhood of Rebel

Drama, Crime


Seventeen years ago, an assassin ambushes triad boss Yu. Yu’s wife, Shing-nam, sends Chai, Kam and others to find the assassin. Chai catches the assassin and discovers that he is Meow, Chai and Kam’s childhood best friend. To save his friend, Chai helps Meow flee Hong Kong. Though Yu survives the attack, the injuries leave him crippled for the rest of his life.


Bosco Wong  as  Chai
Carlos Chan  as  Kam
Louis Cheung  as  Mao
Niki Chow  as  Nam
Kenny Wong  as  Brother Yau
Michelle Wai  as  Yuet
Kent Cheng  as  Mr. Wong
Melvin Wong  as  Godfather
Ben Yuen  as  Mr. Yin


Director Ng Ka Wai
Producer Ng Ka Wai
Producer JASON SIU