Schemes In Antiques

Schemes In Antiques

Adventure, Suspense


A Japanese woman named Kido plans to return a Tang Dynasty Buddha head from Empress Consort Wu’s Bright Hall to China. She asks that it be received by a descendent of the Baizimen’s Xu family. Baizimen was an organization under the “Five Veins”, an alliance made up of top Chinese relic experts. However, the organization has long been lost, and the family has disappeared along with it. Huang Yanyan, the granddaughter of Five Veins’ clan leader, volunteers to track down the family.

Baizimen’s leader, Xu Yicheng, was branded a traitor for sending the Buddha head to Japan. His grandson, Xu Yuan, inherited the talent for appraising ancient artefacts, but he makes a simple living as the owner of a small electronics shop. Since his mother’s untimely death, Xu Yuan has kept a distance from his father, Xu Heping. Over the years, Xu Yuan has had to live with his family’s tainted name – until now. After much convincing by Yanyan, Xu Yuan reluctantly agrees to work with Five Veins, but he discovers that the Buddha head is a fake.

With pressure mounting from multiple sides, Xu Yuan is now forced to uncover the truth about the Buddha head.


Lei Jia Yin
Lee Xian
Xin Zhilei
Ge You


Director Derek Kwok