The Rookies

The Rookies


Feng Zhao (Darren Wang) is a young man who has nothing to do. His biggest hobby is extreme sports, and he would makes videos of himself and put them on the internet for people to watch. He has got some fans over time. Although many people think that he is a joke, he feels good about himself as an adventurer. He only looks at those good words to him and ignores the rest. In the course of an extreme challenge, Feng is caught in a dangerous transaction. He is mistakenly thought as the trader by a mysterious businessman, but the transaction fails because of an accident. This completely changes his fate: he's found by the international agent organization and asked to continue disguising as the trader to prevent a terrorist attack. Feng joins them out of curiosity. Feng, who's proud and pretentious, comes abroad, dreaming that he could become an important figure and an incarnation of justice and save people all over the world. While he's pleased with himself, a great danger is coming. Things are far from simple as he imagined. At the same time, the cowardly police officer Miao Miao (Sandrine Pinna) and his good friend Shan Ding (Weizhou Xu) are both drawn into this case for some reasons to perform the task together: to trade with the mysterious businessman as soon as possible in exchange for a very important object.
The thing that the mysterious businessman wants is a treasure owned by a wealthy foreign businessman. Therefore, Feng and his friends sneak into the rich man's house when he's throwing a small exhibition at home. After a series of thrilling and funny adventures, they finally get the treasure. In this process, Feng and Miao have some conflicts due to their different personalities, but the group gradually becomes a real team. While Feng, after getting the artifact, thinks he has become a true hero, the team is chased by the local police and instantly become a group of wanted criminals. They're also secretly chased by the hidden wire-puller. They struggle to escape and the treasure's taken by the local police

The mission has to continue, and they keep fighting with all parties. Various high-techs are also fully utilized. They finally take the treasure back and get in touch with the mysterious businessman in time. The two parties conduct a perilous transaction at the designated location. The treasure's exchanged for the key raw material of a weapon that could be used to destroy the world. While everyone thinks the terrorist attack could be stopped, the hidden wire-puller appears and steals the raw material away. The rookies are once again hit to the bottom, and some people are even seriously injured. Such situation is mainly due to Feng's recklessness and arrogance. There are conflicts inside the rookies team, and they're about to fall apart. At this point, Feng has two paths: one is to give up and go back to be an ordinary person, and the other is to fight and courageously face this impossible mission, even it's doomed to fail. Feng chooses the second path. The rookies do not escape after the failure, but fight with the bad guys till the end! Several cities have been attacked by the weapon already. The rookies have found the wire-puller through careful planning. After a courageous fight, they realize that the bad guy's power exceeds their imagination. Even so, they are not scared!Through the use of high-tech and clever tricks, this group of rookies finally defeats the bad guy and saves the world !


Sandrine Pinna
Darren Wang
Milla Jovovich


Director ALAN YUEN