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Since its founding in 2000, Emperor Motion Pictures has consistently been producing strong films that showcase creativity of filmmakers. EMP has earned numerous accolades, including Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Actress, and created trailblazing works covering diverse genres. EMP’s 2019 slate of brilliant new Chinese-language productions includes:

1. 《RAGING FIRE》:Veteran action director Benny Chan teams up with action superstar Donnie Yen; who produces and stars in this intense thriller; and Nicholas Tse.
Shan is a righteous cop who’s solved countless cases. One day, his past comes back to haunt him when his sting operation is attacked by a mysterious group of criminals led by Ngo, his former protégé.
Ngo was once a talented cop who admired Shan. However, a terrible accident sent him to prison three years ago, transforming him into a furious man dead set on killing everyone who’s wronged him – including his former mentor.

2. 《DECLARED LEGALLY DEAD》:The latest project from Steve Yuen, the director of Heaven In the Dark, stars Anthony Wong, Karena Lam, Carlos Chan and Kathy Tong.
Sean (Carlos Chan) is a hard-working insurance agent. One day, he visits Tak’s (Anthony Wong) home to follow up on a life insurance policy, only to discover the corpse of Tak’s son hanging in the bathroom. The police conclude that there was no foul play, but Sean suspects that the child may have been murdered. As the investigation drags on, Sean begins to receive disturbing threats at home. Soon, he is caught in a psychological battle of wills as he gets closer to the shocking truth.

3. 《THE FALLEN》:Directed by Lee Cheuk Pan (G Affairs) and starring Irene Wan.
Rain Fu (Irene Wan) is the eldest daughter of “The Professor”, the meth kingpin of Asia. Years after running away from home, she is returning for one reason: To enact her revenge against her family by becoming a mole for the police and creating a rift inside the family. However, putting the dangerous plan in motion pushes Rain’s mental state to the brink…

4. 《JUST 1 DAY》:Author and screenwriter Erica Li makes her directorial debut with this moving drama.
Mosaic (Wong Cho Lam), an urban sketcher suffering from ALS, reunites with Angelfish (Charlene Choi), a bank teller and his old primary school classmate, at a school function. When his condition worsens, Mosaic asks Angelfish to fulfill his one last wish: To be his girlfriend for just one day. Over the course of the day, Angelfish’s appreciation of this city and of life is reignited.

5. 《TWO TIGERS》:Directed by Li Fei and starring Zhao Wei.
Bumbling young man Fang Nan kidnaps businessman Zhang Chenggong for ransom. However, the captor becomes the captive when Zhang turns the tables on Fang and forces him to complete three tasks. The two men soon find themselves sharing a journey filled with absurdity and deception until they are forced to make a final choice.

6. 《77 HEARTWARMINGS》:Following the critical and box office success of 77 Heartbreaks, its cast and crew reunite for a sequel that sees “heartbreaks” turn into “heart warmings”.
Urged by her sick mother and closest friends, Eva (Charlene Choi) finds herself edging closer to the graveyard of love -- marriage. But first, she has to choose between the mysterious artist Marvel (Mario Maurer) and her ex-boyfriend Adam (Pakho Chau).

7. 《CAUGHT IN TIME》:Two Thumbs Up director Lau Ho Leung teams up with Daniel Wu, Wang Qianyuan, Michelle Wai and Jessie Li for his new film.
Detective Zhong Cheng leads a task force in pursuit of Eagle, a criminal gang led by Zhang Sun. Highly methodical and disciplined, the gang manages to avoid capture after each heist.
A decade later, the need to stop Eagle is more urgent than ever when Zhong Cheng realizes that his time is almost up. Will Zhang Sun and Eagle be caught in time?

8. 《DETECTIVE VS. SLEUTHS》:Director Wai Kar Fai reunites with Sean Lau in this explosive action thriller co-starring Charlene Choi and Raymond Lam.
When Hong Kong is rocked by multiple gruesome murders, the police forms a task force to investigate. Jun (Sean Lau), once a brilliant detective who suffered a mental breakdown, begins his own investigation.
Eventually, the police learn that the murder victims are all suspects of cold cases being rubbed out by a figure known as “The Sleuth”. Now, Jun and a detective from the task force are on a race against time to beat the brutal killer at its own game.

9. 《THE RESUCE》:Following the success of Operation Red Sea, director Dante Lam and producer Candy Leung team up again for another blockbuster. The film stars Eddie Pang, Carlos Chan, Ian Wang, Xin Zhilei, Lan Yingying, Yutian Wang, Xu Yang and Li Mincheng.
Known for his intense dedication to his craft, Lam depicts the brave efforts of maritime rescuers. This time, Lam pushes his ensemble of talented actors beyond their limits, transforming them into extraordinary heroes whose bravery shine under extreme circumstances.

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