Hidden Man

Hidden Man

Drama, Action, Comedy


Set in the 1930s on the cusp of the Sino-Japanese war, Peiping (as Beijing was
known then) is still standing firm with its Imperial landmarks - clinging on to its
former glory whilst jostling for its place in the modern world. JIANG Wen brings this
city back to life, adhering to historical authenticity but illuminated by his own artistic
and romantic imagination. On the roofs, separated from the chaos and scheming of
the world below, there are majestic panoramas of the city never before seen on the
big screen: a sea of undulating grey tiles interrupted by centuries old lush green trees.
To this unique setting, our hero Li Tianran (Eddie Peng) returns set on finally avenging
the massacre of his master’s family from 15 years previously. His enemies have since
become the powerful deputy chief of police and head of Japanese spies in the city.
Gifted in the way of the martial arts, he scours the city, scaling the walls and
traversing the rooftops in search of the opportune moment to strike.
Soon, he finds himself entangled in the tumultuous and complex power struggle of a
Peiping that is swiftly descending into chaos and war. A pawn in a much larger
game, he must overcome his own shackles of fear and doubt in order to come out the
other side alive. Along the way, it is ultimately the encounter with a young
seamstress that the hero finds his solace and healing.


Eddie PENG
Zhou Yun


Director JIANG Wen