White Snake

White Snake

Drama, Romance, Music

The first 4K Cantonese opera film with Dolby Atoms WHITE SNAKE is drawn from The Legend of WHITE SNAKE, one of the most famous Chinese folk love stories. WHITE SNAKE takes "love" as the starting point, refines and sublimates the essence of "love", which is true, beautiful and eternal.
WHITE SNAKE breaks the limit of traditional Chinese opera, which borrows fantastic film technique to expand the abstract expression of opera on the stage, and tells a love story of mankind and demon with tensile performance of opera, melodious music, picturesque shots and vivid visual effects to show the beauty of Cantonese Opera.


Zeng Xiaomin
Wen Ruqing
Zhu Hongxing
Wang Yanfei
Li Yuanbin
Huang Chunqiang
Su Guojin


Director Zhang Xianfeng